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The Stained Glass Windows in our Sanctuary

Paradise Lost to Paradise Restored

It is our prayer that as you view the faceted stained glass windows in the New Haven Seventh-day Adventist Church sanctuary, you will be inspired by the beauty and themes. The symbolism in the windows spans thousands of years illustrating God’s plan for correcting the detour that sin caused. He will restore the earth, including each of us as His most prized creations to perfection. May the beauty of these windows lead you to a special time of worship of Jesus Christ our Creator and Savior, Friend and Coming King.

Creation and the Fall

A beautiful garden scene (Gen. 1:31) illustrates God’s creation of the earth, but sin soon brought ruin. Symbols in these windows include Eve’s hand reaching for the forbidden fruit (Gen. 3:6), the serpent’s head (in the branches of the tree Gen. 3:1-4), the shattered 10 commandments (Gen. 2:17), and the flaming sword that separated Adam and Eve from their home in Eden (Gen. 3:23) and the Tree of Life. Note the subtle cross (Gen. 3:15) overlaying the broken 10 commandments which indicate God’s plan, from the very beginning, for saving us (Gen. 1-3).

 salvation stained glass window  

These colorful windows depict Christ’s amazing sacrifice and miraculous resurrection that extend salvation to each of us (John 3:16). Symbols in these windows include the cross of Christ with two smaller crosses for the thieves crucified with Him (Matt. 27:38). The crown of thorns (Matt. 27:29) and nails signify the suffering that Christ endured for us. The open tomb with radiant beams of light and the lilies represent Christ’s resurrection (Matt. 28:6) and promise of eternal life (Matt. 27; Mark 15,16; Luke 23, 24:1; John 5:11,12).

the great commission stained glass window  
The Great Commission

These windows illustrate the role God has given us in sharing the gospel message. The land and seas represent the gospel reaching the entire world (Matt. 28:19, 20). The crown with 12 stars (Rev. 12:1) symbolizes the 12 disciples who were called by Christ to begin spreading the good news. The grain, grapes and chalice represent the bread and wine of the communion service which is to be celebrated throughout the gospel era as a reminder of Christ’s loving sacrifice (Matt. 26:26-30). The three angels with scrolls symbolize the concluding phase of the gospel commission which emphasizes faithful obedience depicted in the Ten Commandments. The Sabbath commandment is highlighted (Jer. 31:33; Heb. 8:10; Rev. 14:6-12).

the second coming stained glass window
The Second Coming

What a day it will be when Jesus Christ returns for the second time (Acts 1:11). We will be with Jesus (John 14:1-3; Rev. 21:3)! Symbols include: a bundle of wheat representing the harvest of the earth (Rev. 14:14-16), Jesus’ glorious coming in the clouds of heaven, trumpets announcing Christ’s return (Matt. 24:31), and resurrected children of God beside toppled grave stones (1 Thes. 4:16,17; 1 Cor. 15:51, 52).

the new earth stained glass window  
The New Earth

This window, the focal point of the sanctuary, brings us full circle in depicting God’s plan for restoring the earth and all of His creation to its original beauty and perfection (Rev. 21:1, 5). The window portrays a beautiful garden scene including the Tree of Life (Rev. 22:2), the River of Life (Rev. 22:1), and the Holy City in the distance where we will dwell with God (Rev. 21:3). The small cross on one of the city’s buildings reminds us that our place in heaven is provided “by grace through faith” (Eph. 2:8).

Noah's ark stained glass window  
Noah’s Ark

The west parents’ room windows feature a vivid colored rainbow over Noah’s ark. It was an ark of safety offered to all who would accept it; Jesus is the ark of safety for all who will accept Him. The rainbow represents one of God’s many promises, which He always keeps. The dove was sent out to confirm the safety of leaving the ark. May you and your children be encouraged and filled with hope as you view this window (Gen. 6:9; Gen. 9:17).

the nativity stained glass window  
The Nativity

The windows in the east parents’ room illustrate the birth of Christ. Jesus was born on earth to die for our sins according to the provision established by God before the foundation of the earth. Fathom the depth of God’s love as you view the symbols and colors in this window. The windows depict baby Jesus in the manger, Joseph and Mary, sheep, cattle, shepherds, the shining star and the wise men (Luke 2:1-16).

Window Thematic & Conceptual Design – Martha Maddux, Candy Seltman, Carol Evans, Tom Shaw, Pastor Jerry LaFave

Window Artistic Design & Development – Russell Joy of Joy Stained Glass

Pictures Taken By – Dave Bryan of Timeless Images