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Creation Science

renew your faith with the study of creation
Wouldn't you like to know the truth?
Global warming, the fuel crisis, and the current economic climate are growing concerns. What hope have we for the planet we inhabit? COME SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE.

New Haven church held a lively, encouraging seminar on how science reveals God as our Creator. The seminar is complete now, but you can contact the speakers for information on Creation Science if you would like to study about this topic.


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Meet our Speaker: Eldo Schuster

Eldo Schuster became a Christian in 1958 and met his wife, Iris, while serving his country as a radar technician at the USAF Base at Grandview, MO. While he owned and operated two TV repair shops, he experienced a surge in his faith as God's grand design became more real to him. Like black-and-white to color TV, for the first time in his life he saw the bigger picture! He has been studying and teaching creation science ever since. Eldo believes that God's finger prints are plainly visible, especially in you. Your life is no accident. “Come see the proof!" Come see the bigger picture!

David Ross assisted Eldo Shuster in this seminar. David Ross is a chaplain at Shawnee Mission Medical Center and has been a Creation Science enthusiast for many years. He studied Creation Science extensively at Andrews University and stresses the importance of the book of Genesis. He likes to remind us: "Faith in the beginning is the beginning of faith!"

For starters, 5 scientific facts to get you thinking about faith in your Creator

1. FACT: The Earth is less than 50,000 years old. Did you know that our sun is shrinking at the rate of 5 feet per hour, so as we go forward in time the Sun grows smaller. But if we go back in time by as little as 50,000 years then the Sun would be so large that our oceans would boil. And a long time before that, all life on Earth would have ceased.        

2. FACT: We are in the midst of a vast population explosion. Did you know that the World's present population of 6.5 billion people could easily have developed within the last 3200 years, starting with four married couples. If the Earth is even 5,000 years older, then we need to ask,”Where are all the people”?
3. FACT: There are at least 270 traditions of the world wide flood from various people groups around the world. The only possible explanation is that Noah’s flood actually did occur. And it occurred approximately 3,500 years ago, just like the Bible says.
4. FACT: Where did all of the oil, and coal, and natural gas that is here on planet Earth come from? They are “fossil” fuels. The Earth was flat and had perfect growing conditions before the flood. Then most of the plants and animals were buried by the flood, and rapidly became oil, coal and natural gas.
5. FACT: The Earth cannot be more than 20,000 years old because we still have high pressure oil beneath the surface of the Earth. If the Earth were any older, then the rocks would have fractured and the pressure would have escaped. The Earth is definitely not 4.6 Billion years old as the Big Bang theory suggests.