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Why Seventh-day Adventist education?

Why do parents send their children to Adventist schools? Parents say they want their kids to be in a place where parental values and spiritual commitment are encouraged and where their kids can have the best teachers to help them learn knowledge and skills to be successful in life.

Why do teachers choose to teach in Adventist schools? Adventist teachers believe their students are God's children and want to give them the best education to help them fulfill God's plan for their lives. Adventist teachers transform kids lives.

How do students benefit from Adventist schools? Students in U.S. Adventist schools perform better than the national average. Also, the longer they attend, the greater their academic success. In addition to academic excellence, students are more likely to have a positive spiritual experience.

To learn more about Adventist education, take a few minutes to hear from Dick Duerksen of Maranatha Volunteers International:
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Midland Adventist Academy

Midland Adventist Academy is our local Seventh-day Adventist school, located in Shawnee, Kansas. MAA offers Seventh-day Adventist Christian education to students in grades K-12.

The teachers and staff members at MAA are committed to ensuring each student's success by providing high quality education in a Bible-based, Christ-filled environment.

Learn more at the Midland Adventist Academy Web site.

Parents and grandparents, make sure your kids are enrolled at Midland Adventist Academy, where they have the best chance to succeed academically and grow spiritually. 

Friends, family, all members of our church, continue supporting Midland Adventist Academy so we can make sure every child is able to attend an Adventist school.

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