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The Great Controversy, it's the battle for your life!

The Great ControversyThe battle for your life is explained in Bible prophecy. It's the story about the greatest battle of the universe and your role in it.  How did this battle begin? How is it going to end? Is there really hope for you? Yes! 

You can learn more about this battle and get a preview of Earth's final events in your free copy of The Great Controversy. Email your request, including your name and postal address, here: email.

For a preview of what you'll learn in this book, listen to Ivor Myers' short 40-minute synopsis of the entire Great Controversy, how the Bible unfolds God's plan to save us: The Blueprint: Earth's Final Movie.

You can also access The Great Controversy online, visit www.thegreathope.org (The Great Hope is the same book as The Great Controversy with a different title). On this Web site you will find PDF chapters and audio, iPhone and iPad formats.

As Seventh-day Adventists, we are happy about the soon return of Jesus Christ.  We want to share this great news with everyone. That’s why we are offering this book free to you and everyone else in our community. Members of the Seventh-day Adventist church believe there is hope of a new life for everyone. Our hope is found in the Bible. God designed a plan to save you and everyone else on our planet. Jesus fulfilled the plan. So what happens next?  There are still events foretold in Bible prophecy yet to unfold before our very eyes. You can read all about God’s plan for you and the future of planet Earth in The Great Controversy

The Great Controversy contains an engaging presentation of the love and ultimate victory of God in the battle between good and evil. Its impact can be powerful and life-changing for you!